This veteran Chem-Dry operator knew a good thing when he saw it, so he wasted no time in getting — and growing — his own N-Hance franchise business

N-Hance Franchisee Andy Rozo and his wifeAfter almost 30 years spent installing floors, Andy Rozo knew the value and durability of wood. And as a Chem-Dry owner, he also knew the strength and support he received from HRI, the brand’s corporate parent. So, when the N-Hance wood refinishing franchise concept debuted, he knew he wanted in.

“There were a few of us who were brought in to discuss the concept, and when I realized it would be working on wood cabinets and floors, I wanted to own one,” says Andy, who operates his N-Hance wood refinishing franchise in Arvada, Colorado, near Denver. “I had enjoyed success with Chem-Dry, and with my background, I was definitely intrigued by this concept.

N-Hance becomes sole focus

Fast-forward to 2014, when Andy decided to sell the Chem-Dry franchise he’d owned for more than 20 years. The N-Hance business had been growing steadily all this time, but he wanted to give it his full attention going forward.

“Year over year we’ve seen a 20% to 23% percent increase in business and revenues, so it has been really solid,” he says. “We do primarily residential projects and stay really busy, and over time we’ve done a little bit of everything. We do more cabinets than floors, but they both stay in demand thanks to services such as Lightspeed® and the anti-microbial finish that we can sell as premium services.”

New service lines hold strong appeal

As the N-Hance wood refinishing franchise brand continues to grow across the United States and internationally, Andy says he sees a lot of potential in new service lines such as door work, as well as ongoing partnerships with such well-known entities as Home Depot helping to raise the N-Hance profile and revenue potential for franchise owners.

the average revenue of N-Hance's top quartile of franchisees has frown from 420,803 dollars to 535,423 dollars

“It’s so good to see it opening up,” Andy says. “We have a lot of untapped business and room for growth. Adding doors is an idea that I think we can capitalize on, and I also think that we have a lot of potential for growth in the commercial space. I think once we crack into the big companies that own or manage not just office buildings, but also apartments and condo units with wood surfaces that need refinishing, we’re going to be talking about millions of dollars of work that we could all be getting. I am very excited about N-Hance getting in front of all those property managers, and we’ll be able to do that as N-Hance grows and franchises start opening up all over.”

N-Hance wood refinishing is a unique wood-renewal business providing cabinet renewal, color shift and change services, as well as floor, furniture and trim renewal to homeowners and commercial businesses. Our fast and efficient processes ensure that kitchens and other high-traffic rooms are back in service quickly. N-Hance was begun in 2001 by HRI, the parent company of Chem-Dry, and is based on the same winning formula: innovation, simplicity and efficient methods. N-Hance is booming, with more than 375 franchises in the United States and internationally.

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