How the owner of a thriving N-HANCE franchise balances work and life

When Teresa Fennimore went into business with husband Clay Fennimore in 1992, they wanted to build a future together. While it wasn’t always easy, the fact that the couple is still in business together nearly 30 years later is a testament to their commitment to each other, and their ability to balance their work lives. 

Teressa Fennimore N-Hance Franchise Owner

Today, the husband and wife duo are owners of a thriving N-HANCE franchise. N-HANCE is the fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise in America. Not only is N-HANCE committed to helping franchise owners thrive in business, but we also provide beautifully restored cabinets, hardwood floors and more at a fraction of the cost and time compared to replacement and traditional refinishing. This gives our franchise owners the opportunity to blow away the competition and create a trustworthy reputation in the market. 

In this interview, Teresa Fennimore shares why N-HANCE was the perfect fit for her family’s franchise and how the company’s robust training supports them in their business.

Why did you want to start a business with your family?

Fennimore: Clay and I have been in business together since 1992.  We wanted to build something together that was ours and that we could work together to chart our own course.  Neither one of us could see ourselves working for someone. We wanted to make our own way. 

Why did you choose to franchise with N-Hance? 

Fennimore: We were Chem-Dry owners for 28 years and when hardwood floors started to become prevalent, we chose N-HANCE as a way to help make up the revenue we were losing in the carpet cleaning business. N-HANCE became so successful that we closed Chem-Dry. Neither one of us had any experience with wood refinishing – or anything close to remodeling. However, N-HANCE provides us with excellent training and support. For instance, they provide us with technologically superior solutions and processes for wood refinishing, which helps to keep our process ahead of the competition. Additionally, our marketing fund provides us with national advertising and branding. 

What do your customers like about N-HANCE?

Fennimore: They really like the durability of our products, the professionalism of our crew, the “factory” look that our finishes provide, and the fact that we can provide almost brand new cabinets without the customer having to replace them.

What do you like most about working with your family? Are there any challenges?

Fennimore: Clay handles the technical aspect of the business and manages the employees, while I oversee all of the sales, marketing and administrative work. I love the fact that we are succeeding together, on the same schedules for vacation and are celebrating 30 years in business together. However, it can be challenging because keeping marriage and work separate is difficult. 

Owning your own business is very personal and it can be very emotional. When both spouses are experiencing the same challenges, those difficult times can overtake the household. It’s also very easy to blame the other person for the things that aren’t going well – just like someone would blame a fellow employee at a corporate job. So, not only is it very important to keep work-related issues out of the house whenever possible, it’s equally important to realize that you’re all working toward the same goals.

What are your hopes for your business?

Our hopes for our business is that it continues to help us reach our financial goals for our family.  We would eventually like to sell it, ideally to one of our technicians. Additionally, we continuously strive for a positive work/life balance. 

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