“Rookie of the Year” at this year’s N-Hance conference opens up about growing his new business

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. For Daniel Geier, owner of the N-Hance franchise in Pinellas County, Florida, the entrepreneurial instinct to seek out new opportunities, to leverage experience and skill sets into successful business ventures, has defined his career.

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Geier has significant experience in growing businesses into large, profitable enterprises. Long before he bought into N-Hance, he ran and operated a home care staffing agency that grew to 60 employees. After he sold that company, he started a digital marketing agency that helps small businesses establish their online presence, connect with consumers in their markets and grow sales. While this significant experience in leading businesses would be useful to Geier in his N-Hance franchise, it wasn’t until his wife wanted to remodel their kitchen that he realized he was looking for a business opportunity.

“When my wife began talking about the need to update our kitchen, I started researching what the companies in my area provide,” Geier says. “I stumbled upon N-Hance and was blown away by what they offer. I noticed that they had locations to the north, south and east of me, but they weren’t in my area. When I looked at the potential of the business and noticed that N-Hance didn’t face any significant competition, I knew this was something worth investing in.”

After contacting the N-Hance corporate team, Geier discovered that his area had three territories available, and he leapt at the chance. He opened his business six months ago, and all of his experience as a business leader, as well as his online marketing savvy — plus the support and advice from N-Hance corporate and other N-Hance franchisees — helped to establish his new business incredibly quickly.

“I take the online marketing extremely seriously,” Geier says. “I knew that I had to build my online reputation very quickly, so after I completed a job, I would take photographs and add them to a portfolio to allow potential customers to get a sense of what we can do for them. I invested in Pay Per Click, SEO, and other online marketing strategies to generate leads, which are ongoing. Everyone at N-Hance, especially my fellow franchisees, were extremely helpful in offering guidance to help me create a strategy that works. As a result, we were successful right out of the gate.”

After six months in business, Geier estimates that he has completed more than 100 jobs. At the time of this interview, he was in the process of completing a project for a customer that totaled well over $12,000. His success and determination to grow his business quickly are the reasons N-Hance named him “Rookie of the Year” at the brand’s annual franchise conference in January.

“I was very pleased to be honored by my peers,” Geier says. “N-Hance is easily the most profitable business I have ever owned. There’s simply nothing like it in the marketplace, so if you focus on your marketing, and have the ability to be outgoing and honest with your customers, you’re going to be successful.”

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