How one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in the premier wood refinishing franchise continues to grow his business year after year

When HRI, the parent company of Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet cleaning franchise, announced the creation of a new franchise system that would revolutionize the wood refinishing industry in the early 2000s, the company chose a few Chem-Dry franchisees to check it out.

N-Hance refinished kitchen before and effort

One of those franchisees was Andy Rozo, who is now one of the top-performing franchisees in the N-Hance wood refinishing franchise system.

“I had been running a Chem-Dry franchise for nearly 20 years when I got the invitation to explore the N-Hance opportunity,” he says. “I had been offering wood refinishing services alongside my carpet cleaning business, so when I heard that HRI had developed a technology that could refinish wood without sanding it, my ears perked up. Sanding the wood was always the most tedious part of the work, requiring my crew to spend hours, even days, focused just on that. I knew immediately that N-Hance was going to be a game-changer, and I became one of the very first franchisees.”

Andy quickly bought territory in Denver, Colorado, and in time, he eventually sold his Chem-Dry franchise to focus all of his energy on N-Hance.

“It’s been a great business from the very beginning,” Andy says. “As soon as I began with N-Hance, I immediately became aware of the need for wood refinishing services in my area. We’re busy every single day, and that is even more true now that my business is well established. What used to take several days to complete a job, now takes only one day. This is a business that can be extremely financially rewarding if you work it, market it correctly and effectively, and are driven for success.”

Andy and all of the franchisees in the N-Hance network can complete jobs far more quickly than the typical competition because they utilize our proprietary Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology. This revolutionary device shortens the refinishing process and produces less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods, as well providing a service at one-fifth the cost of the industry average.

“The technology is absolutely amazing,” Andy says. “It’s very easy to sell to customers, even if N-Hance is slightly more expensive than the painters in my local area, who make up the majority of our competition. Our customers want a beautiful, professional job, which we can provide every single time we’re called. Our customers love the fact that we’re fast, affordable and convenient. We don’t leave any mess behind, and we create zero dust. As soon we’re done, which is often on the same day that we’re called, they can move their furniture back and begin enjoying their lives again.”

This proven approach, along with our stellar nationwide reputation for exceptional customer service, is why Home Depot proudly boasts N-Hance as a vendor in nearly all of its locations.

“The Home Depot relationship is another tremendous selling point for us,” Andy continues. “The fact that Home Depot trusts us to advertise in their locations makes us trustworthy to customers. If N-Hance didn’t live up to our promises, we would not be allowed to market in Home Depot, who has a strong reputation to protect. My customers understand this. Then we show up on time, we are transparent with our work and pricing, and we do the job exactly the way we told them that we would do it. This is why our business continues to grow year after year. We live up to what we promise the customer, and we go above and beyond to ensure that they are happy with their investment.”

Andy has grown his own business alongside the phenomenal growth of the N-Hance brand, now the nation’s fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise with nearly 500 locations open across North America. N-Hance is experiencing rapid growth that isn’t going to slow anytime soon. Entrepreneur magazine has named us to its prestigious annual list of the Fastest-Growing Franchises for four consecutive years, and our proven business model continues to attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs who are looking for a business that is easy to run and easy to scale.

The future of the brand looks even brighter, as N-Hance has worked alongside its franchisees to make significant investments in technology and initial and ongoing training, as well as the creation of a national advertising fund that is poised to make N-Hance the first name-brand wood refinishing franchise.

“I’m on the franchise advisory council, and one of the biggest positives about N-Hance is that the executive team truly listens to you,” Andy says. “We’ve helped create a world-class training platform that new franchisees will benefit from immensely going forward. The roll-out of the national advertising fund is especially exciting for me, as I’ve spent a significant amount of time and money advertising in my local community, and now the national advertising will only bolster the effectiveness of that.”

As Andy continues to grow his business, he has some advice for entrepreneurs who are looking into joining the N-Hance franchise network.

“I’ve been in business for myself for 30 years,” Andy says. “This is a business you can scale quickly if you follow the business model and market effectively. It’s been a very rewarding business for me personally, and the brand is getting stronger all the time. If you’re driven to succeed, N-Hance is the business for you.”

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