NHance new training center

Fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise unveils state-of-the-art training facility at brand’s headquarters in Logan, Utah

N-Hance is the fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, with more than 500 locations open across the country. The reason entrepreneurs are franchising with N-Hance, regardless of their experience in the wood refinishing industry, is largely the level of support N-Hance provides to franchisees.

This level of support is best exemplified in the significant investment N-Hance has made to its state-of-the-art training center in Logan, Utah. Right next to the facility where N-Hance’s industry leading research and development team creates the brand’s proprietary product line, N-Hance added several rooms’ worth of wood flooring and a full kitchen, where new and existing franchisees can learn how to apply N-Hance products with confidence while mastering the services they will be offering to customers.

NHance new training center

“This new space really allows our franchisees to learn about our products and services through repetition, which is what we emphasize at training,” says Dave Murphy, Training Director with N-Hance. “We have both hardwood floors and a full kitchen for new franchisees to practice on. That means that when they leave here, we can be sure — and, more importantly, they can be sure — that they are ready to do an exceptional job for their clients.”

This practice through demonstration and repetition at the new training facility is then put into practice by working side by side with the training team on a project in a customer’s home.

“We always have our franchisees go out on a real job as part of their training curriculum,” Murphy says. “We want them to experience what it is like to do a real job, not only because it allows them to perform the service under the time constraints, but it also allows us to teach them about the customer experience. We want them to feel that sense of pride when they earn that smile from the customer when the work is done. That’s invaluable to have before they go back to open their businesses in their communities.”

The training that N-Hance offers goes far beyond mastering how to perform the services and use the product-line that the R&D team manufactures next door. The last three days of the nine-day training course are focused on classroom-style courses on marketing, financial performance, how to build a business plan and more — in essence, everything necessary become established quickly in your community and build a business that grows over the long term.

“The fact that we offer nine days of training is intentional. Many other brands in the home remodeling space offer four or five days at most,” Murphy says. “We need time to troubleshoot, to answer questions and of course to teach our entire business model from our services and products to how to market effectively in the community. We are here to inspire our franchisees and instill confidence in them.”

NHance new training centerThe training program is not limited to new franchisees. In fact, N-Hance encourages franchisees to bring their technicians. Extending training to technicians helps N-Hance franchisees recruit and retain the best talent in their communities. N-Hance also invites existing franchisees to retake the initial training session, free of charge, if they need a refresher course.

Of course, with the amount of new products N-Hance rolls out, the brand will use the new space to offer training on new products and services. Murphy recently went around the country offering courses on N-Hance’s cabinet door replacement program, a class that can now be moved to the state-of-the-art facility that is designed specifically for hands-on-training that simulates the jobs they will experience in the field.

“We’ve had a few classes since we’ve opened the new facility, and the franchisees have been so enthusiastic,” Murphy says. “The existing franchisees are just in awe, and they told me that they wished they had this kind of facility when they were getting started. The new training facility ultimately gives new and existing franchisees a huge advantage — and we look forward to helping them!”

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