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What Kind of Support Do We Provide?

N-Hance training offers franchisees to be bolstered by one of the most comprehensive initial and ongoing training platforms in the industry

The majority of franchisees in the N-Hance system had no experience in the wood refinishing industry before they decided to change their career path and go into business for themselves. Why did they decide to make a leap into an industry where their only experience had been as consumers — placing a call to a brand that would refinish their floors and cabinets?

N-hance white refinished kitchen

The answer is simple: N-Hance is a rapidly growing brand with a glowing nationwide reputation, and the home remodeling industry is booming at an annual $361 billion. N-Hance has an exclusive relationship with Home Depot and one of the most comprehensive training platforms in the franchise industry, creating a fast track to getting the doors open and beginning to earn revenue.

“One of the biggest strengths with the N-Hance brand is that we’re a family,” says Bridger, “We take this approach to our training platform, which is designed not only to make them experts in their field and their craft, but also to get them into their business and start earning revenue quite rapidly. We know that our franchisees exit careers and invest real time and real money into their new business. They have high expectations, and we work very hard to give them everything they need to prosper. We take it incredibly seriously.”

This is how we do it:

Once you sign the franchise agreement, your training begins: Because N-Hance wants you to begin operating your new business as soon as possible, we’ve developed a Quick Start program that covers your entire first year in business. Within 24 hours of signing the franchise agreement, we will reach out to you with a checklist of items, including scheduling your seven-day, hands-on training course at our headquarters in Logan, UT. We also send you webinars to watch so that you can learn more about the business model, the products and the brand.

“While you’re preparing to come for your training session, we are working with you to help obtain any licenses that you need to begin legally operating your business in your territory,” Bridger says. “We’re also working behind the scenes on your behalf to ensure that your local Home Depot is prepared for you to open business and begins generating leads — so that your sales can commence as soon as your first day on the job.”

n-hance trainingTraining in Person: You will attend an intensive, 9-day, hands-on training course at our corporate headquarters. At the training, franchisees can expect to learn everything from tricks of the trade to best practices for marketing, sales and general operation of their business. Most importantly, you will go into the field with real franchisees to do real work, so that you can learn the business from the ground level. You learn how to use our technology, how to use our products, how to complete a job and how to interact with customers.

N-Hance University: N-Hance made a significant investment to develop a state-of-the-art online training platform, with hours upon hours of training material about every aspect of the business. Not only are these classes downloadable to your device, but you can use this platform to train your technicians as your business grows. N-Hance works actively not only to update our university with more relevant content, but also to be sure that our training is always easy to use and easily accessible.

franchisees learning in n-hance training

Business Coach: During your first full year of owning your N-Hance franchise, you’ll be assigned a personal “N-Gage” business coach to help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. Even after the first 12 months of your participation in our franchise program, our corporate team travels to franchise “hubs” to provide continued personalized coaching.

Monthly Check-ins: Each month, we gather individual franchise data. This data is analyzed, and each franchisee is given a feedback report that helps them identify areas to improve, as well as areas where they excel in comparison with others in the N-Hance network.

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