N-Hance’s leadership philosophy provides franchisees with relief amid the pandemic in the surging market for home improvement demands

N-Hance Franchise President Kelly Jensen“Working with N-Hance is just different,” says Kelly Jensen, President of N-Hance wood franchise. But why is it different? Because of the leadership of people like him.

In his role as president, Jensen oversees business support services for franchisees. He focuses on training and business coaching programs designed to improve performance and make business easier to run and more profitable for franchisees.

His style of leadership comes from the simple advice, “In your career, make sure you hire the best people. Then get out of their way and let them do their job.” He says this has resonated with him throughout his entire career.

Jensen knows micromanaging has the potential of being detrimental so he says letting his team do their job is a management philosophy that mandates the development of trust throughout the entire organization. His leadership style proved a helpful strategy during the pandemic. “We increased the frequency of internal communications. The leadership team and all staff kept doing their job and we trusted each other to do that to our best ability,” Jensen commented. “And our methods manifested with the best third quarter in the history of our company.”

Jensen fell into the world of franchising due to his time as an investment banker in 1987 – when the stock market crashed. He feared he wouldn’t have a job the very next day and started thinking about a career that wasn’t susceptible to economic swings. His experience managing through that crisis proved helpful for current franchisees. To help manage the financial burdens of the crisis, N-Hance waived royalties due from franchisees for months. They prepared virtual training and educational sessions aimed at making sure business owners were ready for the moment they could hit the ground running, and not consumed with restrictions and limitations. According to Jensen, “N-Hance was transparent with franchisees and team communications were very measured, clear, concise, and focused.”

“Nothing creates focus like a crisis,” he says. “The best thing you can do is run an organization that can take anything thrown at it and still have stability. The pandemic didn’t change our goals, we knew what those were. And our way of leadership doesn’t change either. We just want to be prepared for the day when this is over.”

Franchisees benefit from N-Hance’s ongoing support and training to answer the growing demands of the industry

The pandemic has impacted the home improvement industry, as customer interest increases in upgrading the quality of life within their homes.

Under Jensen’s visionary direction, N-Hance has celebrated the opening of nearly 500 locations. Jensen and the executive team at N-Hance are passionate about helping franchisees grow their business and realize their full potential. “I like to see people thrive with that entrepreneurial spirit,” he says.

Entrepreneurs receive the tools and support they need to flourish and learn the value of relationships. As the nation’s leader in wood refinishing, the massive growth of the brand is a testament to what Jensen has created.

N-Hance wood franchise is a low-cost, highly scalable investment opportunity with the potential for high returns and long-term growth. The brand has continued to make significant investments in research and development to advance the success of our franchisees. In addition to granting access to best-in-class patented and proprietary refinishing solutions, the N-Hance team provides a full suite of marketing tools, comprehensive training, ongoing guidance, and a proven business model to enhance high-earning potential.

With the help of vigorous leadership like that of Kelly Jensen, N-Hance has developed one of the most robust support platforms in the franchise industry.

“Our product is second to none and we will do everything we can to protect that position in the market,” Jensen says. “I’m looking forward to continuing to dominate that space in the future. We will continue to evolve because staying where we are today doesn’t make us successful in the future.”

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N-Hance’s proven business model and industry-leading reputation make us a best bet investment opportunity in the booming market. For in-depth details, download our Free Franchise Opportunity Report or visit our research pages.