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As a franchise owner, you'll have your own exclusive area.


N-Hance offers some of the lowest startup costs in the industry.


You get to be in charge of exactly how you run your business.


N-Hance is spreading quickly throughout the US and Canada, but there are still thousands of territories open to be claimed. Follow these 6 steps to get started:

  1. See if your desired territory is available by checking the map to the right.
  2. Request More Info to get in touch with an N-Hance expert.
  3. Watch our introductory web presentation.
  4. Receive further details from an N-Hance representative.
  5. Interview with N-Hance brand president.
  6. Training & launch.

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*White is available, Red is occupied.


At N-Hance, we are far more interested in recruiting great people who are enthusiastic about owning a business than we are in finding people with lots of cash to spend. For this reason, we offer in-house financing and have some of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. Start your N-Hance franchise for as little as $40,000-$50,000.

We offer major financial benefits over other franchise companies:

- In-house financing
- Low start-up costs
- Protected, exclusive territories

  • Estimated Down Payment: $30,067     48%
  • Estimated Cost of Cargo Vehicle: $5,000-$30,000 25%
  • Estimated Training Expenses: $1,000-$2,000 12%
  • Estimated Start-Up Capital: $5,000-$10,000 20%
  • Total Initial Investment: $41,067-$72,067 100%

*The basic payment schedule is based on two exclusive territories

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“What I like most about being a part of the N-Hance family is the support I get from HRI. If I have any issues, it’s nice that I can turn around and get them resolved quickly. Do it. Just do it, because all I see is great things coming out of this company and the business. We are a very unique business. There’s not a lot of competition out there so I would recommend it highly.”
- Michael Depasquale


“Do it. It’s a great product. A great system. Harris Reseach is a great company and very supportive – They really help you get started and get launched. We really are like a big family - everyone supports each other.”
- Jeff and Pam Overfield

“I love that it's a national brand and that there is a national footprint emerging with some cohesion there. I love the camaraderie with other N-Hance owners and I also love that it really is a local business.”
- David Lantow

"The #1 thing that I hear from customers that they love is that it can be done in 1 day. There’s no clean up after we’re gone. There are no smells, no odors, and they can be using their kitchen an hour after we’re gone. They love it.”
- Mike Rozo

“Independence. I can run the business how I want to. I don’t have to do what the boss says.”
- Vince Philbrook

“It’s fun to do the job because of the wow factor you get with the customers. I really enjoy being able to see the product, the way it looks before and enhancing it or completely changing it to a new look. It’s stunning.”
- Andy Rozo



N-Hance Wood Renewal was started by HRI, the company behind Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. In the early 2000’s, many Chem-Dry franchise owners were realizing their technicians were walking across thousands of damaged wood floors. N-Hance began as a separate franchise business to refinish and renew hardwood floors and has grown to include refinishing cabinetry, furniture, and trim work.

In 2006, we launched N-Hance on a national level. We have learned a lot since then, and we have developed a proven system that creates successful people, satisfied customers, and simply good business.

The N-Hance organization is stronger than ever before and is experiencing more and more growth every year. In 2013, N-Hance had 220 units. In 2014, we had 310 units. As of today, there are currently over 375 franchises in the United States and Canada. At the corporate level, we have 20 dedicated team members in the sales, marketing, business management, and training departments.


Ready to learn more and be on your way to starting an N-Hance Franchise in your area? Request more info below and get in touch with one of our business development experts. You'll be on your way to starting your franchise in no time.