Want to open a bathroom remodeling franchise? Here are the top 8 things that make or break a remodeling business and how to set your business up for success.

1. Choose the Right Franchise

The first thing you need to do is research and evaluate the franchise’s history and reputation. Talk with current franchisees about their experience, from onboarding and training to the ongoing support they’ve received. You want a franchise with a strong brand, a proven track record, and a support system that will help you succeed.

N-Hance, the Cabinet Makeover ExpertsTM, is a brand that checks all those boxes. Our proven business model has helped franchisees open nearly 400 locations in North America, and we’re the dominant wood refinishing brand in the U.S.

2. Understand Your Market

Research your area and define the demographics, including age, income, and housing trends. The National Kitchen & Bath Association says homes that are 20 to 39 years old are the prime targets for remodels. The number of homes that fit that range will grow by 2.9 million by 2027. So, check out your market. Are there a sufficient number of homes in that age range? It might not be the best spot for a remodeling business if you’re in a new and developing area. But, if your market is an area that bloomed in the early 2000s, you could be set for the next few decades. Also, ensure the average household income fits your price range. You don’t want to waste time trying to sell your services to a market that can’t afford them.

 3. Build a Strong Team

The benefit of franchising is the support and training provided, so you don’t need prior experience with most brands. Instead, surround yourself with experienced and motivated professionals on your team. Allow them and their expertise to help push your location farther ahead of your competitors.

4. Hone in on Customer Service

Customers are spending a lot of money on their remodel. They want to know they’re choosing a company they can trust. Therefore, you and your team should be responsive, communicative, and focused on meeting their needs. Of course, problems will arise occasionally, but as long as you communicate a plan to fix it, the customer will most likely stay satisfied with your service.

5. Don’t Forget to Market

One perk of investing in a bathroom remodeling franchise is the already-recognizable brand name, but don’t just ride that as your main marketing tool. Instead, invest in your target market and appear where your clients spend their time: social media, local magazines, or brochures at local stores.

Some franchise brands charge an advertising fund fee, either as a flat rate or a percentage of your income. Be sure to understand where that money goes and how it helps you. Also, see if the franchisor supplies marketing materials, such as brochures and a website.

N-Hance franchisees receive some of the most robust marketing support in the industry. We start marketing assistance on Day One to help you ramp up your business. The onboarding package includes a customized website, content for SEO (search engine optimization), local business directory listings, Google My Business listing, advertising on Next Door, a trade show marketing kit, direct mailers, pay-per-click advertising, and a vehicle wrap.

6. Focus on Efficiency

Beyond the business model and processes the brand provides, develop your own processes and systems specific to your location that help you and your team thrive. This includes streamlining the workflow, minimizing waste, and ensuring every job is completed on time and within budget. For example, create a maintenance schedule and checklist to ensure your equipment is always in good condition and ready to use.

7. Stay Up to Date With Trends

Bathroom trends are constantly evolving. Stay on top of the latest ones so you can help your clients create the bathroom of their dreams.

Homes and Gardens magazine notes these as some of the top trends of 2023:

  • Natural materials such as stone, wood, and other organic materials
  • Soaking tubs
  • Smart technology
  • Statement lighting
  • Floating vanities
  • Natural lighting
  • Minimalism

8. Build Relationships With Suppliers

Build strong relationships with your suppliers to ensure you have access to the best materials, tools, and equipment at the best prices. This will help you stay competitive and profitable. Another benefit to bathroom remodeling franchises is that many have already cultivated those relations. Franchises also have larger buying power due to their size compared to small, one-location businesses.

N-Hance: The Premier Wood Refinishing Franchise

Jump into not only the $59.72 billion bathroom remodeling industry but also the nearly $450 billion home remodeling industry by investing in our premier cabinet refinishing franchise. N-Hance allows you to capitalize on multiple revenue streams rather than just remodeling bathrooms.

Our proprietary technology lets you perform jobs at a fraction of the cost and time of our competitors, making us the No. 1 wood refinishing brand in the nation.

Learn more about our brand by requesting franchise information.