N-Hance training offers franchisees one of the most comprehensive initial and ongoing training platforms in the industry

N-Hance is a rapidly growing brand with a glowing nationwide reputation in the booming $450 billion home remodeling industry. N-Hance has one of the most comprehensive training platforms, creating a fast track to getting the doors open and to earning revenue.

This is how we do it:

Once you sign the franchise agreement, your training begins: Because N-Hance wants you to begin operating your new business as soon as possible, we’ve developed a Quickstart program that covers your first year in business. After signing your franchise agreement, we will reach out to you with a checklist of items, including scheduling your 9-day, hands-on training course at our headquarters in Logan, Utah. We also send you webinars, so that you can learn more about the business model, the products and the brand.

N-Hance Training

“While you’re preparing to come for your training session, we are working with you to help obtain any licenses that you need to begin legally operating your business in your territory,” says Ted Peterson, Franchise Development Specialist. “We’re also working behind the scenes on your behalf to establish your marketing plan and footprint so that your sales can commence as soon as your first day on the job.”

Training in Person: You will attend a 9-day, hands-on training course at our corporate headquarters. At the training, franchisees can expect to learn everything from tricks of the trade to best practices for marketing, sales and general operation of their business. Most importantly, you will go into the field to do real work, so that you can learn the business from the ground level. You will learn how to use our technology, how to use our products, how to complete a job and how to interact with customers.

N-Hance Univeristy

N-Hance University: N-Hance made a significant investment to develop a state-of-the-art online training platform, with hours of training material about every aspect of the business. Not only are these classes downloadable to your device, but you can use this platform to train new employees as your business grows. N-Hance works actively not only to update our university with more relevant content, but also to be sure that our training is always easy to use and easily accessible.

Quickstart Coach: During your first full year of owning your N-Hance franchise, you’ll be assigned a personal coach to help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. Even after the first 12 months of your participation in our franchise program, our corporate team travels to franchise “hubs” to provide continued personalized coaching and training.

N-Hance Wood Refinishing Office

Monthly Check-ins: Each month, we gather individual franchise data. This data is analyzed, and each quarter, franchisees are given a feedback report that helps them identify areas to improve, as well as areas where they excel in comparison with others in the N-Hance network.

N-Hance franchise opportunities have some of the most robust marketing support platforms in the industry

Marketing can be one of the most overwhelming aspects an entrepreneur faces on the way to getting a new business off the ground. Resources, especially at the beginning, are precious and need to be spent wisely in order to generate the most return. In order to address this head on, N-Hance has developed one of the most robust marketing support platforms in the franchise industry.

N-Hance Franchise about home improvement spending increase in the majority of U.S. Cities

N-Hance entrepreneurs are provided with a full suite of marketing tools, comprehensive training and ongoing guidance to help your new business grow and prosper over the long-term. Because N-Hance offers franchisees a fast ramp-up to begin operating your new business, our marketing support begins as soon as you sign the franchise agreement. What truly makes us a unique franchise system is that our support continues for as long as you remain with the N-Hance franchise family.

This is how we help you market your N-Hance franchise

Upon signing your franchise agreement, N-Hance will begin your training in earnest. You will be assigned to a Quickstart Coach who will help you through the first year of getting your business established. This begins at N-Hance University, which is an online, mobile-friendly platform that hosts dozens of hours of training webinars and videos that includes programs focused on marketing. This tool is extremely important, as it is often updated, and you will continue to use it not only to stay on top of the latest best practices, but also to train your team on marketing strategies as you grow.

During your 9-day training session at our headquarters in Logan, Utah, your Quickstart Coach also will help you to create a marketing plan designed specifically to be effective in your area.

N-Hance also provides you with a comprehensive six-month marketing package to help kick start your new business and start generating leads as soon as possible. The program includes:

  • Creation and hosting of your website, including local content for SEO
  • Nextdoor setup and advertisements
  • Listings in 50+ local Business Directories, including Google My Business
  • Home Show package, including retail display, brochures, and other items
  • Social Media setup and postings
  • Pay Per Click advertising to ensure your business ranks high on search engines such as Google
  • Vehicle wrap to showcase your business and the N-Hance Brand

The marketing collateral such as brochures, postcards and mailers are updated on a consistent basis, and we will counsel you as to when to send your materials out in order to be most effective.

N-Hance franchise color swatches

N-Hance is proud to report that because we’ve grown so much in recent years, we’ve created a national ad fund focused entirely on growing nationwide brand awareness. We work with our franchisees to develop meaningful television, radio and print advertisements in order to help your community know that your business is the one to trust for wood refinishing services.

Our national ad fund runs commercials on connected TV, DIRECTV and cable on stations including HGTV, DIY, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, Destination Country, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox Business, Fox News, Headline News, MSNBC and The Weather Channel.

In addition to television, N-Hance also publishes advertisements in national magazines such as Martha Stewart Living, Beautiful Kitchens and Baths, Do It Yourself magazine, HGTV Magazine and many others. Recently, N-Hance public relations efforts have won us positive press in outlets such as Good Housekeeping, Martha Stewart Living and HGTV Magazine.

“I’m extremely proud that we offer such significant marketing support to our franchisees,” says Tyson Blais, Director of Franchise Support. “We are here to help them succeed from the moment they become a part of the N-Hance family. N-Hance is extremely lucky, as our franchisees are determined, driven to succeed, and happy to go out and make relationships, not only with their clients, but also with third party vendors in their community. With our help and your drive, there’s no limit to the potential of your success with N-Hance.”