Web traffic demonstrates the value and power of the N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise brand

A recognizable and trusted brand name is vital to the long-term viability of any new business, which is one of the reasons N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise is a worthy investment. Recently, N-Hance Director of Marketing Abby Baker announced the company’s consumer site ticked off a major achievement.

“We have just passed the ONE MILLION mark for number of visitors within a year,” Baker announced in a celebratory tweet. “In 2019, we had a total of 936k visitors to our web site…this year, we surpassed 1MM visitors by mid-October!”

Nhance franchise after picture of remodeled kitchen

The uptick in web visitors demonstrates consumer interest in the kitchen remodeling franchise industry. Multiple factors are driving the growth, including the desire of many homeowners to update the homes in which they find themselves spending more time.

Quarantine is driving interest in home improvements

The transformative effect the pandemic has had on homelife is driving a boom in home improvement. When the nation went on lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19, millions of Americans found themselves working from home, educating their children at the dining table, and spending hundreds of hours indoors.

According to a recent report on NPR, Google searches for home improvement services surged more than 50% between June and September.1 Homeowners are seeking ways to improve quality of life in their homes, and that means remodeling, renovating, and restoring. It’s a trend that’s not likely to slow down, either, as one homeowner told NPR.

“It feels like there’s kind of a big reset happening,” a homeowner said in the report. “A lot more people are focusing on their family, their homes, you know, the stuff in our vicinity. People’s bubbles have shrunk.”

As the country slowly adapts to post-pandemic life, many corporations large and small have announced plans to maintain hyper-local or work-from-home arrangements for millions of employees. At the same time, families are rediscovering the benefits of dinners at home, which is restoring the central role the kitchen plays in family life.

Building costs have increased, meaning more Americans are improving their existing home instead of building new houses

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, another major factor driving the popularity of N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise is a sharp increase in the cost of new construction. Instead of building a new home, many homeowners are opting instead for extensive remodeling. In fact, home improvement and remodeling is on track to exceed half a trillion dollars by 2026.2

For many, that starts in the kitchen. N-Hance wood refinishing and restoration processes provide homeowners with the ultimate in value. They get cabinets that look new and stylish without the added expense of demolition and new installation.

The process is also faster than a traditional kitchen remodel, with far less mess. Consequently, homeowners are more likely to call N-Hance with other wood refinishing projects, such as floors, bathroom cabinetry, and built-ins in living rooms and bedrooms.

There’s never been a better time to join N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise

With the boom in home improvements and the increasing power of the N-Hance brand, now is the time to consider investing in your future as the next owner of an N-Hance kitchen remodeling franchise. To find out more about our franchise opportunity, visit our franchise information pages. Or, request our free Franchise Information Report.