Premier wood refinishing franchise has a menu of services that real estate agencies depend on to sell houses

N-Hance, the largest and fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, is quickly establishing a reputation with real estate agencies across the country because of our expansive menu of services and the professional, fast and affordable way in which we complete our jobs.

Real Estate agent shaking hands with new home-owner.

For Shawn Oucho, owner of three N-Hance franchise territories on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, real-estate agencies make up about half of his overall business. This is especially significant, considering how much his business has grown to meet the demand for wood refinishing services in the three years since he opened.

“We’re extremely busy all the time,” he says. “It’s getting to the point where I am wondering if I need to hire another crew. The growth of the business hasn’t been surprising, as there is nothing like us on the market. Our competition is interested in refacing, which is not as effective in terms of both of costs and results. We’ve built up a great reputation as an affordable solution to giving a kitchen a beautiful new look and feel.”

Oahu is the third largest island in Hawaii, boasting a population nearing one million people, and a booming real estate market that has been rising since 2001. Naturally, the dozens of real estate agencies on the island need a reliable and dependable partner to help spruce up their properties so they sell fast and above the market value.

Luckily for them, Oucho’s growing business is there to help out. N-Hance is recognized as being the industry’s leading wood refinishing brand. We excel at restoring the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, trims and cabinets at one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional refacing or replacing of cabinets, and we complete our work at a much faster pace than the industry average. How do we do it? By using a proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing technique that requires no sanding, as well our powerful Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology, we can shorten the refinishing process and produce less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods.

Interior image of refurbished kitchen cabinets and floor, by N-Hance

“When I first opened my business, I started going door to door to real estate agencies,” Oucho says. “I did about six or seven presentations, and as real estate agencies have teams of contractors, it made sense to include us. Our reputation with the real estate community here has really taken off, and so have our sales. Right now, 50 percent of our business is generated from the relationships I’ve been able to establish and maintain over the years.”

Oucho’s success in his business is the result of the combined efforts of his own drive and determination and the robust support that N-Hance provides to all franchisees. As he looks ahead toward a prosperous future, Oucho has some thoughts as to what it takes to thrive with N-Hance.

“You have to be motivated,” he says. “This business is going to be my retirement fund, so I ensure that I meet my goals in terms of growth and new sales every month. The support you receive with N-Hance is exceptional, and they work really hard to provide you with the tools you need to succeed. If you’re motivated and driven, N-Hance is a great opportunity for you.”

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