Premier wood refinishing franchise helps new franchisees get up and running quickly, potentially quickening the return on investment

Perhaps the most common question an entrepreneur will ask before taking the leap into a new business opportunity is, “How quickly will I be able to start earning and recouping the costs of my investment?”

N-Hance refinishing is in the top quartile

N-Hance, the fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise in the nation, went far beyond coming up with an answer. Our team has designed an entire program dedicated to getting new franchisees in their businesses and winning business rapidly. Appropriately called “The Quick Start Program,” the process of getting up and running begins as soon as the franchise agreement is signed.

“The idea is to put money in the pockets of our franchisees as soon as possible,” says Bridger Bellon, Director of the Quick Start Program for N-Hance. “One of the biggest positives in joining the N-Hance franchise is that we’re a family. As soon as you join us, we immediately put you in touch with your fellow franchisees. Before you begin training, you can pick their brains and get their advice. We encourage new franchisees to spend some time with established franchisees, as well, to join them on jobs and learn the ins and outs of the business.”

How does our Quick Start Program work?

N-Hance seeks to make the process of establishing your new business as quick and painless as possible, so that you can focus on growing your business from the get-go. Once you come on board as a new franchisee, N-Hance builds out a plan that encompasses the entirety of your first year.

“We provide intensive training, support and coaching for your entire first year in business, so that you become an empowered, confident business owner,” Bridger says. “Of course, when the year is over, the support continues, but by then, you’re working on growing your business in your community. The long-term success of our franchisees is the most important thing for us as a franchisor, which is why we’ve developed a program that seeks to answer every question and address every issue from the very beginning. We’ve had tremendous results in helping our franchisees go from beginners to established business owners.”

Here is how our Quick Start Program works in a few easy steps:

● Pre-training checklist: Within 24 hours of signing the franchise agreement, we will reach out to you with a checklist of items, including scheduling your seven-day, hands-on training course at our headquarters in Logan, Utah. We also send you webinars to watch so that you can learn more about the business model, the products and the brand.

● In-person training: During the intensive seven days at our headquarters in Logan, Utah, you will learn every aspect of your business from marketing, sales, best practices and general operations. You will also have hands-on training, working alongside franchisees performing legitimate work, so you can get a feel for the type of work you will be doing. You will learn about our products, how they work, how to complete a job and how to interact with your customers.

● N-Hance University: N-Hance made a significant investment to develop a state-of-the-art online training platform, with hours upon hours of training material about every aspect of the business. Not only are these classes downloadable to your device, but you can use this platform to train your technicians as your business grows.

● Six months of marketing support: Marketing can be one of the most overwhelming experiences for a new business owner. N-Hance makes it the exact opposite experience, providing you with everything you need and it’s all included in your initial equipment package: marketing materials, a website, a direct mail campaign to your target consumers and the ability to generate leads digitally via Pay-Per Click advertising and Home Advisor, among others. We train you intensively in how to manage marketing going forward.

● Business coach: During your first full year of owning your N-Hance franchise, you’ll be assigned personal “N-Gage” business coaches to help you navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. Your coaches will help answer any questions you have and will provide advice and resources for you to grow your new business.

● Home Depot kiosk: We realize that it might take time to build up a book of business, which is why N-Hance helps you establish a kiosk in your local Home Depot. Not only does this help attract immediate customers, it also provides a level of trust that your competitors will not able to match.

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