Enjoy Multiple Revenue Streams with an N-Hance Home Service Franchise Opporutnity in Phoenix, AZ

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Americans are rediscovering their love for their homes after the pandemic and the increase in remote working capabilities, resulting in a significant increase in home improvement spending. With an N-Hance home service franchise opportunity in Phoenix, AZ, you can cater to the growing demand for cost-effective solutions to enhance the beauty, value, and overall enjoyment of your customers’ homes.

N-Hance features a top-rated wood refinishing franchise fueling our growth as we become one of the brightest brands in the $450B home remodeling industry. Our franchise owners provide the fast, affordable, and beautiful solutions homeowners desire with a commitment to exceptional customer service and stunning results. It’s no wonder we’ve garnered a stellar reputation in our industry!

With our unique approach to home improvement services, our franchise owners are enjoying unprecedented sales, with bookings made months in advance. As the home remodeling industry is expected to continue seeing growth well into the future, it’s clear home improvement is here to stay.

N-Hance stands out as a franchisor thanks to our low costs of ownership, proven business model, proprietary technology, products, and equipment, a robust menu of services, and comprehensive training and support. We have the knowledge and experience to support our franchisees at all levels, making our company one of the highest-rated brands in the home remodeling category.

N-Hance franchise owners are positioned on the proven path to business ownership with a recession-resistant business model. If you’re ready to become your own boss and enjoy multiple revenue streams, our franchise opportunity is a great fit for many types of investors!

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Why Start a Business Opportunity in Phoenix?

Since its founding in 1881, Phoenix, AZ, has grown to become the largest city in the state, home to over 1.6M residents, and the fifth largest city in the US. The city offers a booming real estate market, flourishing with an abundance of housing and employment opportunities.

The city has experienced higher than the national average job growth rate since 2013, driving the real estate market as more people enter the area and look for housing. Combined with a low cost of living and relatively affordable housing prices, Phoenix is an attractive place to live for those looking to enjoy city amenities without breaking the bank.

Phoenix’s real estate market is home to many unique architectural styles and a wide range of historic homes representing a range of eras. As more century-old homes become available and subsequently sold, the demand for wood refinishing services like those offered by N-Hance franchise owners will drive market growth.

Our franchisees can offer their customers a variety of services, including floor refinishing, floor sanding, cabinet door replacement, and furniture, railings, and door refinishing to boost their bottom line and expand their customer base. With our in-house research and development team, we help you stay ahead of the latest products, technology, and services to expand your profit potential.

When you become part of the N-Hance business opportunities in Phoenix, you’ll bring our wood restoration services to area homeowners looking to improve the look and feel of their homes, as well as offer energy and cost savings.

Eight Reasons Why You Should Invest in N-Hance

Join N-Hance, America’s number-one cabinet refinishing franchise and a leading brand in the home remodeling industry. Our fast, affordable, and beautiful solutions for kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, and more have made us the nation’s dominant brand for wood refinishing. As industry leaders with 500 locations across North America, we provide homeowners with the wow factor, and our franchise owners are busier than ever, with bookings extending out months in advance.

What sets us apart is our commitment to improving the value and enjoyment of homes without the common challenges associated with remodeling projects. Our franchisees provide homeowners with exceptional customer experiences, and customers can live in their homes while the job is in progress. We’ll teach you how to complete jobs in less than a week with proprietary methods that produce less dust and odor than traditional refinishing methods.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should become a franchise owner with us:

Invest in an N-Hance franchise today and discover how our multiple revenue streams can help you build a thriving business of your own!

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