The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity with a proven business model and exceptional training

Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Ranked 2018

The new year is a great time to put dreams into action, and if you’re dreaming about becoming a business owner, then N-Hance is ready to help you make that a reality in 2019. The fastest-growing wood refinishing franchise opened more than 70 territories in 2018 and celebrated the opening of our 500th location. Our proven, straightforward business model and our commitment to innovation, exceptional training and franchisee success are some of the reasons Entrepreneur magazine named us the No. 1 franchise in our category in 2018 — and this year promises to be even better.

Here are three reasons you should open an N-Hance franchise in 2019:

N-Hance is a low-cost opportunity with unlimited profit potential

Entrepreneur magazine named N-Hance as one of the best franchise opportunities for less than $100,000 for 2018, and affordability is one of the main reasons so many entrepreneurs are choosing N-Hance. The estimate to begin operations ranges from $50,074 to $71,204, which is significantly lower than other concepts within the home remodeling industry. N-Hance’s proven business model, industry-leading reputation and exclusive relationship with Home Depot make us a best-bet investment opportunity in the booming market.

“There has never been a better time to franchise with N-Hance,” says Dan Tarantin, CEO of N-Hance. “We’ve developed a business model that is easy to run and easy to rapidly scale, with exceptional support and a training platform that is the gold standard in the industry. Our national reputation and our relationship with Home Depot make it easy for franchisees to win a sizable share of their market, and our proof is that we’re ranked by Home Depot in the top
5 percent of all of their vendors. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in the past four years, and we’re expecting that growth to continue well into the future. An opportunity like N-Hance only comes around once, and we have the business model and the systems in place to help savvy entrepreneurs realize their full potential of small business ownership.”

We help you get established quickly with our Quick Start program

N-Hance seeks to make the process of establishing your new business as quick and painless as possible so you can focus on growing your business from the get-go. Once you come on board as a new franchisee, N-Hance builds out a plan that encompasses the entirety of your first year. N-Hance provides in-person training at our newly expanded state-of-the-art training center in Logan, Utah, online courses at N-Hance University,  a business coach to help you set goals and exceed them, one full year of marketing support, and sets you up with the Home Depot in your community to gain new leads quickly.

Find out more about how the Quick Start program works by clicking here.

No other brand has a product offering like N-Hance

N-Hance gives you the opportunity to edge out the competition and create a trustworthy reputation in your market by offering a service that no competitor can equal — beautifully restored cabinets, doors and floors at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time of traditional refinishing or replacement. The truth is that N-Hance faces no legitimate competition. Our level of service and patented technology are revolutionizing the industry, and our exclusive relationship with Home Depot establishes a level of trust that independent contractors in communities across the country cannot begin to compete with.

“There is no other brand that is capable of competing with N-Hance for wood refinishing services in the country,” says D’Wayne Tanner, Vice President of Franchise Development for N-Hance. “Our Lightspeed technology isn’t sanding down floors, there’s no drying time, there’s no odor or dust — our customers can literally tap dance on it when we’re done. Best of all, our work looks absolutely beautiful, and it’s one-fifth the cost of the industry standard. We’re giving our customers their spaces back, and this is why we’re in the top 5 percent of all Home Depot vendors. It’s a remarkable brand with an even brighter future.”

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