N-Hance franchise reviews gives franchisees a chance to open up about what they love about their businesses

The executive team that leads N-Hance is passionate about one thing: helping our franchisees grow their businesses and realize their full potential. This is why N-Hance provides some of the most robust training and support in the entire franchise industry, and why our brand is expanding rapidly across the nation as more and more entrepreneurs learn how going into business for themselves is a best-bet investment with N-Hance.

N-Hance franchisees come from all walks of life and professional histories, from corporate executives to N-Hance technicians who see the value in the business and decide to open their own. Most importantly, our franchisees are an extremely tight-knit group — supportive of each other, working as mentors, sharing best practices and providing encouragement and friendship to peers.

“One of the things that I’m proudest of is that our network has some of the best franchisees of any brand anywhere,” says Tyson Blais, Director of Franchise Support. “Our franchisees have high-quality character — good people skills, good work ethic — and they’re really good at their craft. You won’t find better people anywhere. The leadership team and support we provide is top-notch, the products are easy to use, and they provide great value to our customers. I’m really glad we started this brand when we did, because we don’t have any competition, and now we’re so far in front that no other brand can touch us.”

Here is what some other franchisees have to say about N-Hance:

“Now is a good time to invest in a franchise system…The products that we offer with our finishes are still top-tier, high quality products. That never changed. The customer is getting a solid product for a good price. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at the economy…most people want to save money and get quality. It’s a good product and good opportunity.”

— Adam Blake

We’re offering something no one else does. Our competition? I don’t even call it competition…we offer them a solution to ripping out their whole kitchen that no one else offers them. Aside from painting, they are getting a refinish, it’s safe for us to do in their home, we have the light speed finish that nobody else has, we’re a national brand, and we can offer solutions for them such as payment options that most smaller companies can’t do.

Lisa and Michael Markese

We’re crazy busy. I think the customer reception is fantastic. My technicians are great. The customers are always thrilled this is an option for them. They’re thrilled they don’t have to get rid of their cabinets. [We] can just come in, revitalize them, enhance them, and they’re always quite happy with the end result. It’s been positive.

— Nellie Garibyan

It’s a strong, national brand. [Looking at franchising as a whole] it’s going in business for yourself and not by yourself…With N-Hance, we could hit the ground running without worrying about a lot of things on the admin side. It takes a lot of the “uncomfortableness” out of it. To have a brand or franchisor supporting you among 500 other franchisees, that takes a lot of the guesswork out of it and immediately puts you more at ease.

Sammy Dosch and Paige Robinson

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