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The largest, fastest growing wood refinishing franchise is rapidly growing and is actively seeking entrepreneurs to bring our brand to their communities

The New Year is the perfect time to consider how going into business for yourself can improve your life and unlock your full potential. Since our founding in 2001, N-Hance has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership with a business model that is easy-to-run and easy-to-scale and an executive team that is passionately committed to your success.

In 2018, N-Hance will open our 500th location. This milestone is the result of several years of rapid growth spurred by new initiatives to improve the level of profitability N-Hance franchisees experience, improve the level of support they receive in their businesses and the overall growth of brand awareness on the national level. By this time next year, N-Hance expects to have dozens of new locations open and be well on our way to becoming the nation’s first-ever name brand wood refinishing franchise.

“We’re tremendously excited about the future of the N-Hance franchise,” says D’Wayne Tanner, SVP of Franchise Development with N-Hance. “The interest from entrepreneurs who desire to open an N-Hance franchise in their communities has never been higher. We expect 2018 to be another year of rapid growth and forward momentum as we continue to see the results of new initiatives to increase profitability for our franchisees and raise the profile of our brand with public at large.”

Here are three reasons you should join the N-Hance franchise team in 2018:

N-Hance has multiple revenue streams and faces zero direct competition

In the years before N-Hance emerged as an industry leader in 2001, customers who wanted to refinish their cabinets and hardwood floors had to subject themselves to a house full of chemicals, sawdust and independent contractors who would take several days and sometimes weeks to complete a job.

refurnished kitchenEverything changed when N-Hance entered the market. Founded by HRI (the same brand that launched the world’s leading carpet cleaner company Chem-Dry) to capitalize on an underserved but extremely lucrative segment in the $361 billion American home restoration industry. Our researchers developed proven solutions and patented technologies that continue to transform the wood refinishing industry. N-Hance created the Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology, which shortens the refinishing process and produces less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods, as well providing a service at one-fifth the cost of the industry average. This proven approach, along with our stellar nationwide reputation for exceptional customer service, is why Home Depot proudly boasts N-Hance as a vendor in all of its locations.

“The Home Depot relationship is another tremendous selling point for us,” says Andy Rozo, a long-time franchisee with N-Hance in Denver, CO. “The fact that Home Depot trusts us to advertise in their locations makes us trustworthy to customers. If N-Hance didn’t live up to our promises, we would not be allowed to market in Home Depot, who has a strong reputation to protect. My customers understand this. Then we show up on time, we are transparent with our work and pricing, and we do the job exactly the way we told them that we would do it. This is why our business continues to grow year after year. We live up to what we promise the customer, and we go above and beyond to ensure that they are happy with their investment.”

N-Hance’s Quick Start Program helps you get established quickly

N-Hance recognized that the number one question that new entrepreneurs ask us is, “When will I start earning revenues?” Our executive took action to address this very important question by founding our Quick Start program, which is designed to help new franchisees get established in their business quickly.

kitchen with white cabinetsThe program begins as soon as you sign your franchise agreement. As you go through the 60+ hours of hands-on training with real franchisees, performing real work in the field, and classroom training with courses focusing on everything from financial performance, to selling our services, understanding our technology, and more, an N-Hance representative will be working on your behalf to ensure that your business is ready for you.  We will provide marketing services on your behalf for the first six months of operation of your business. That’s right, we invest in marketing for your new business, while you’re finding your feet, and out in your community driving sales and building relationships.

“We provide intensive training, support and coaching for your entire first year in business, so that you become an empowered, confident business owner,” says Bridger Bellon, Director of the Quick Start Program for N-Hance. “Of course, when the year is over, the support continues, but by then, you’re working on growing your business in your community. The long-term success of our franchisees is the most important thing for us as a franchisor, which is why we’ve developed a program that seeks to answer every question and address every issue from the very beginning. We’ve had tremendous results in helping our franchisees go from beginners to established business owners.”

N-Hance’s Brand Marketing Fund is taking the media by storm

As we draw closer to the milestone of 500 locations open across the country, N-Hance decided that it was time that the wider public became aware of the amazing services that our franchisees deliver to their customers. In order to facilitate this mission, N-Hance launched a National Brand Marketing Fund earlier this year, and the results have been extraordinary. Our advertisements in tremendously popular publications such as HGTV and Dream Kitchens & Baths, as well as on television on Directv and cable, have won our brand both more attention from consumers, as well as increased both leads and sales on behalf of our franchisees.

We recently published our quarterly report of our Brand Marketing Fund, which shows how impactful our efforts have been:

  •   50% increase in website traffic since the fund launched
  •   Commercials airing on television news stations generated 43% of new website traffic
  •   72% increase in Pay Per Click activity (PPC) since launching our television ad campaigns
  •   4xs increase in the amount of new customer leads since the launch of the fund.

“The Brand Marketing Fund is going to lift our name far above the competition,” says Daniel Geier, owner of the N-Hance franchise is St. Petersburg, Florida and part of the committee. “We’re a much higher end product than our competition, so giving the public a chance to familiarize themselves with our brand, our level of services, our level of professionalism, is going to increase our name recognition in our communities. I’m very excited about what the fund will be able to do for N-Hance franchisees.”

Learn more about the N-Hance franchise opportunity

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