Cabinet Refacing Business Opportunities: What to Research

Cabinet refacing franchises are in huge demand — but finding the right one requires careful research. Here’s what matters most when researching cabinet refacing business opportunities.

The Market: Size, Competition, Target Customer 

Understanding the local industry landscape will give you a sense of how a business that refaces cabinets could fare in your area. First, research the local competition and determine the market size in your area. How many other similar companies are in the market? Are there a lot, or is there room for you? Look at the size and scope of the territory they’re offering to ensure it’s large enough to support your business goals and growth plans.

Who is your target audience? Homeowners with properties that are 20 to 35 years old? Find out if there is a significant number of those types of homes in your area to ensure you’ll have a large enough potential customer base to work with.

Consider the average cost of cabinet refacing projects and the purchasing habits of your target market. Is there a cabinet refacing business out there that could allow you to compete for pricing and quality in the market?

For example, N-Hance franchise owners beat out their competition because our services are a fraction of the cost of competitors. Thanks to our proprietary technology and techniques, we can perform high-quality work, resulting in durable solutions that are less expensive and time-consuming than others in our industry.

The Costs

Every franchise opportunity lays out its investment costs in its franchise disclosure document (FDD), with many including the info on their franchise websites. Compare upfront franchisee fees and initial investment costs. Make sure the startup cost is within your budget. Also, be sure to understand what comes with the initial costs, like the equipment, training, and marketing materials.

Other franchise expenses to compare include ongoing royalties and advertising fees. Do they seem reasonable? What ongoing support and marketing will you receive that make those fees worth it?

Training and Support

When researching cabinet refacing business opportunities, consider the quality and extent of the training and support provided by the franchise. Look for a franchise that offers comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to marketing and advertising resources. Will their training program allow you to perform high-quality cabinet resurfacing services, or must you teach yourself or hire someone else? Check to see if you can bring another employee or manager to training so you can go through it together.

At N-Hance, you’ll undergo a nine-day hands-on training program at our headquarters. You’ll also receive webinars to learn more about the brand, products, and business model.

Brand Recognition

Consider the level of brand recognition and reputation of the franchise. A well-established and reputable brand can help you attract more customers and grow your business faster, a significant benefit of franchising.

Products and Services

Evaluate the quality and variety of the products and services offered by the franchise. You want a franchise that provides a wide range of options to meet your customers’ diverse needs and preferences.

At N-Hance, we’re not just a cabinet refacing or kitchen remodeling franchise. Instead, we have multiple revenue streams, including cabinet and wood refinishing, floor refinishing, and commercial services. This allows our owners to diversify their income and business opportunities.

N-Hance: Your Cabinet Refacing Business Opportunity

You can join the team of Cabinet Makeover Experts with N-Hance. We’re a leading franchise in the cabinet and wood refinishing industry, with more than 500 locations in North America. Several factors set us apart, including our in-depth training program, competitive pricing, and proprietary technology and techniques.

Opening an N-Hance doesn’t have to break the bank. Our startup costs are low compared to many other franchises in the industry. The initial investment for an N-Hance location ranges from $58,547-$197,582. That includes the franchise fee, equipment, product, marketing, vehicle, business license, training expenses, insurance, three months of advertising, and more.

Learn more about the next steps in becoming an N-Hance franchise owner by requesting franchise information.